UPDATED:  MAY 18, 2021


On May 6, 2021, the New York Attorney General (the “ NY AG”) filed a motion with the NY Supreme Court asking for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction ordering CoinSeed and its CEO to: (1) halt the offering or selling of commodities and securities, (2) cease all trading, (3) preserve all fiat and virtual currency assets, and (4) preserve all evidence related to the action against them by the NY Attorney General.  The NY AG also requested that the Court appoint a receiver to handle CoinSeed assets (without charging a fee) during the pendency of the action filed by them.  You can access the NY AG’s motion here: https://ag.ny.gov/sites/default/files/memo_of_law_for_osc_tro-pi.pdf.

After reviewing court documents filed by the NY AG, and after recent discussions with the Assistant NY AG, we have decided that it would not be effective for us to proceed with a civil case against CoinSeed and its CEO on behalf of CoinSeed account holders.  To do so would be costly and duplicative of the actions taken by the NY AG.  Therefore, NO ACTION WILL BE TAKEN BY SYNERGEN LAW GROUP AGAINST COINSEED OR ITS PRINCIPAL(S) ON BEHALF OF ANY ACCOUNT HOLDER.

If you have an account with CoinSeed and wish to pursue a claim, please be advised that each state has laws limiting the time for you to  commence legal action (called “statutes of limitations”).  Failure to act within these time limits can result in a waiver of your rights.  WE MAKE NO REPRESENTATIONS TO YOU REGARDING THESE DEADLINES.  Accordingly, if you wish to pursue your individual matter further, we encourage you to contact another attorney without delay in order to preserve whatever rights you may have.